Skiing in Kamchatka/Skiing in Russia operates in Kamchatka peninsula and in Siberia. After many years of heliskiing, ski touring and ski mountaineering all over Russia, we have selected these key spots which provide the best snow and terrain, along with a great cultural experience. Each place we want to share with you is unique; every location has its own special characteristics. The one thing they all have in common is being an amazing place to ski.
At the same time, if you are looking for a customised ski trip to a part of Russia we don’t mention, we will be glad to organise it for you with the same level of safety and quality provided on all our trips.
Our ski season starts in the middle of November and continues right the way through to mid-June. This long window should enable everyone to find a convenient time to ski in Russia.

Siberia is the heart of Russia. A vast territory with thousands of kilometres of mountain ranges. Air masses from the Arctic bring early and heavy snowfalls, which guarantees perfect powder skiing as early as November. This is a wild and severe land, but also very beautiful with its hardy inhabitants, interesting culture and remarkable cuisine.

Worldwide guiding

When we are not busy in Russia, we run ski touring, freeriding and heliskiing operations all over the globe. We work in Japan, India, Argentina, Chile, Antarctica, Georgia, Canada and Alaska to name a few. Also, in the summer we do customised trekking/backpacking and adventure trips in the wilderness of Kamchatka and Altai. Check out upcoming adventures - .

Besides our skiing programmes, we offer

Assistance in filming and photography production

Logistical, guiding and translation services for outdoor filming or photography productions in Russia. With the help of our professional contacts all over Russia and our knowledge of the geography and culture of the country, we can organise filming in any part of Russia, ensuring product quality and safety. We can assist with project planning, budget creation, on-site coordination, guiding, translation and support for filming projects and expeditions.

Outdoor and ski events organisation

365体育网址Management and guiding service for outdoor events, freeriding or ski-mountaineering competitions. For several years our team has been working with both Russian freeride and several International competitions (including the Freeride World Tour) in the Caucasus and Siberia.  We have all the knowledge and skills needed to organise such events.

Mountain and avalanche safety

365体育网址We provide mountain and avalanche safety programmes: Pre-planning, operation and supervision for all activities in the mountains of Russia.  We work in cooperation with the Canadian Avalanche Association and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides on all these projects.