Depending on the programme, we can have very different types of accommodations, from tent camping to mountain huts and comfortable mountain hotels

Avachinsky Pass mountain base
Mountain base on Avachinsky pass is surrounded by big volcanoes and has a nice view on the valley. Huts are simple, but warm (heated by wooden stoves) and clean. Dining room and Banya are separate buildings. The huts has a capacity for maximum 10 people, but in our programs we limit it with maximum 5 persons per hut, to provide the comfort and more space.

On the Avachinsky pass we also have a Banya (traditional Russian bathhouse). Banya is the best way to warm up and relax after a long day skiing. The Banya is in a separate building, where a large amount of hot steam is created with the help of water and hot air. Inside the Banya, there are wide wooden benches along the walls, built up one above the other like steps. You can sit or lay on the benches - the higher up the bench, the hotter the air is. Having warmed up enough, you leave the steam room for a break. Overall, the Banya is not just a place to warm up and wash; it is a real Russian experience and will become a great memory!

Mountain hotel Snow Valley
The mountain hotel Snow Valley, situated in 10 km from Vilyuchinskiy volcano, and surrounded by hills and volcanoes. Accommodation is in a small chalet with rooms for 4 people and en-suite bathrooms. TWIN or DBL rooms are also available for extra cost. The hotel contains several outdoor pools with hot thermal water, a Banya (traditional Russian bathhouse), restaurant and other facilities.

Mutnovsky volcano mountain hut

Mountain hut on the foot of Mutnovsky volcano is simple, but spacious, warm (heated by wooden stoves) and has a very nice view on the valley. The hut has a capacity for up to 12 people, but in our programs we limit it with maximum 6-8 persons per hut, to provide the comfort and more space. First floor – dining room and kitchen, second floor – common bedroom with plank beds.

Winter tent camping
In our modern world, with widespread mountain huts, not many people camp in the winter. But for such places as Kamchatka, it is essential as there is no other way to explore the wild mountains. But even in such places we do our best to provide a high level of comfort to our guests.

Our base camp features a comfortable dining tent warmed by a gas or wooden stove, along with separate 4-season, 2-person sleeping tents. With a heater in dining tent you will be able not only to warm up if you get cold, but also to dry the clothes and gear in cloudy days (when it is sunny, it is easy to dry the stuff on the sun). Toilet is a separate toilet tent.

Many our guests, who have never experienced winter camping before, tell us that it is way easier and more comfortable than they expected. With a spacious, heated dining tent, you have space to comfortably sit, chat with new friends and enjoy your meals in a comfortable and warm atmosphere. With your warm sleeping bag and mat, after a substantial dinner, you sleep well in your tent and wake up in the morning smelling the hot coffee from the dining tent. Life in a winter tent camp is probably easier than you imagine! There are several little tips to make life in a winter camp easier, and our guides will be glad to share their knowledge with you.