Skiing in Kamchatka is an independent guiding company built from family and friends, specializing in customized exploration of the best skitouring spots all over the Kamchatka peninsula. We also operate in Sibeia, with skitouring, catskiing and heliskiing programs.

Established in 2009 by Grigory Mintsev, first internationally certified Ski Guide in Russia (ACMG qualified), “Skiing In Kamchatka” was one of the first companies to offer guided backcountry skiing and splitboarding trips in Kamchatka.

These days, we proudly call us the most experienced and reliable guiding company in Kamchatka. And it is easy to prove, take a look on our guest’s Testimonials, check our guiding team, and look around to see that there are no one company who offer the same programs, with the same level of safety, quality and feeling of adventure. We are committed to operating at the highest possible guiding standards in the industry.

365体育网址Besides our skiing programmes, we also offer assistance in filming and photography production, outdoor and ski events organization, avalanche safety consulting and educational courses.

Most of our team members are from Kamchatka, and we all fell in love with Kamchatka decades ago. Now we are happy to share our passion for this wonderful land with all our guests, and do our best to make your visit not just “another cool trip” but unforgettable adventure which will be with you forever. And very likely, you will wish to return.

Grigory Mintsev

He was born and raised in Kamchatka, and since childhood spent all his free time in Kamchatka wilderness. Besides guiding education, Grigory also got a university degree in Economics and Law, as well as some other useful education and skills as car mechanic , constructor and few others.

He is one of few Rus­si­ans who par­ti­cip­ated in the Ca­na­dian Moun­tain & Ski Guide Pro­gram, and he is the first and only Ski Guide in Rus­sia to be cer­ti­fied through the As­so­ci­ation of Ca­na­dian Moun­tain Guides (ACMG Ski Guide).

After several years of travels and guiding all over the world, now he is focused on developing of guided backcountry skiing programs in Kamchatka and Siberia and helping these regions to become popular and well know places through skiing enthusiasts all over the world.

Mariya Mintseva

365体育网址Originally from Siberia, she spent many years exploring Siberian mountains and forests. Passionate backcountry skier, she also likes rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering and a bit of surfing.

In a team of friends, she was exploring mountains of Kuznetsky Alatau range in the Western Siberia, one of our powder skiing destinations. In short brakes between powder skiing, she climbed Belukha, highest mount of mythical Altai range; skied from one of the most amazing Kamchatka ski-mountaineering object – Koryaksky volcano and done lot of trips all over the Russia, Europe and South America. Participating in several local freeride contests she came to the podium few times.

Even with degree in psychology, she been working in the skiing industry, spent 5 years on European ski resorts as a coordinator of alpine ski programs. She joined our office crew in 2011, and added a big amount of knowledge and experience.

Mariya is in charge for all communications and office duties. She will be the first person to talk on your way to our destinations.

Ludmila Figura

Truly Kamchatka local, with a passion to any kind of activities you can do on peninsula. From mountaineering to backcountry skiing, from hiking to sea kayaking, from biking to surfing, you can meet her everywhere in Kamchatka. But only when she is not busy with organizing all kinds of Kamchatka adventures. And believe us, she is very good in this stuff.

Ludmila is also a semi-professional photographer, check out her !

Once you arrive to Kamchatka, be sure, you are in good hands.

Alena Eckhardt

Raised in Kamchatka, she fell in love with cross-country skiing, and this way lead her to the top of Kamchaka’s sportsman’s rank. After professional career, she found another passion – snowboarding. As well as became a specialist in adventure travel organization, working in and running an adventure travel company in Kamchatka.

Now days, she lives in tiny mountain village on the south of Germany. She is back to the cross country skiing as a coach of local junior team, and also as a head of our Germany sales office. But you also can meet her in places where we operate, where she enjoys snowboarding and helps us to organize best ever adventures.

Whether we can take you to astonishing skitouring in Kamchatka, or provide services so you can achieve another goal in the mountains, we take huge satisfaction in seeing your happy faces at the end of a great day.

365体育网址We look forward to seeing you in our mountains.